Conservative Documentary Gets Wide Release on DVD, VOD

It’s no secret that conservative opinions and the entertainment industry usually aren't a great fit. However, demand for John Ziegler’s anti-Obama, pro-Palin documentary “Media Malpractice: How Obama Got Elected and Palin Was Targeted,” has been so great that the DVD, which was originally released in late 2008, has just been re-released, complete with a bonus 45 minutes of special features.

“No conservative documentary has ever gotten this wide a Video-On-Demand release,” Ziegler told Pop Tarts. “The bottom line is that Barack Obama would not have been elected, or even nominated, and Sarah Palin would not be the ex-Governor of Alaska with high disapproval numbers, if the media had been remotely fair in 2008.”

The film takes hundreds of examples of what Ziegler deems “media malfeasance” and compiles them into a light-hearted storyline. In particular Ziegler takes an in-depth look at the media’s coverage of the Rev. Wright incident.

“The main thing people need to know about the Rev. Wright coverage is that while it seemed like the story got a lot of coverage, it really didn't and what mainstream coverage it did get, was absurdly muted,” Ziegler said. “The bottom line is that we prove in the film that Obama lied about what he knew about Wright and when he knew it and he lied in his famous ‘race’ speech that the media used to get him out of trouble.”

Rev. Wright, Obama’s pastor of more than two decades, came under fire in early 2008 when it emerged that he delivered a speech suggesting that the U.S brought on the attacks on 9/11, and that black people shouldn’t sing “God Bless America,” but “God Damn America.” Obama denied knowledge of Wright’s 9/11 sermon, and quickly distanced himself from the Chicago-based reverend.

But David E. Henderson, journalist and author of "Making News in the Digital Era," doesn’t think the Rev. Wright coverage is an example of bias in the media.

“The issue didn't appear to be an example of ‘media malpractice,’ then or now. It was political, racial and a bit nutty in nature, as I recall,” Henderson told us. “And who cares?! We are approaching 2011, and there are more important and timely things that get our attention”

On several occasions, Gov. Palin has “endorsed” both the original and newly-released version of “Media Malpractice,” advocating that it should be used in the curriculum in all college communication courses, Ziegler said.

“She is a strong believer in the cause of changing the media culture and because she knows better than anyone what a great film is,” Ziegler continued. “Since there are no editorial standards anymore, the only way to enforce accountability in the news media is by hitting them where hurts, and that is the pocketbook. The only things they really care about are ratings and circulation.”

Speaking of circulation, Ziegler claimed that the majority of the more liberal-minded mainstream media outlets have “pretty much ignored” the film, however he tells us he put Barbara Walters in her place while appearing as a guest on her radio show.

“I discovered on the air that she thought that Sarah Palin had said she could see Russia from her house and had no idea that was a Tina Fey concoction,” Ziegler added. “When I confronted Walters about it she was pretty stunned. I don’t think anyone had ever gone after her like that!”

However, another media expert warns viewers there are two sides to every coin.

“The right sees a left-wing media and the left sees a right-wing media and both sides are so busy pointing out the others bias that they're perfectly willing ignoring their own,” said Democratic campaign consultant and new media strategist, Dusty Trice. “I haven't seen Mr. Ziegler's movie and probably won't based on what I saw in the trailer.”

Deidre Behar contributed to this report