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Barbara Walters

Oh So Fascinating

Why would Barbara Walters find Glenn Beck 'Most Fascinating'?

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  1. The O'Reilly Factor

    The O'Reilly Factor

  2. 'Reactive Nonsense'

    Aviation analyst says new TSA rules won't improve security

  3. Unethical Treatment

    Geraldo Rivera and panel on often abusive relationships between doctors and celebrities

  4. Divorce Battle

    Latest on the dissolution of Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook's marriage

  5. Elisabeth Hasselbeck Reacts to Obama's 'View'

    Co-host grades president's appearance on daytime talk show

  6. Mark Sanford Refused to Be Faithful?

    SC governor altered wedding vows

  7. 'The 39 Steps'

    Whodunit based on Hitchcock hit comes to Broadway

  8. Hate Mail

    Whoopi Goldberg: Elisabeth Hasselbeck gets most death threats on 'The View'

  9. After the Show Show: Steve and Eric's Favorite TV Shows

    What do Steve and Eric watch on TV?

  10. O'Reilly vs. 'The View': Who Was Right?

    Debate over daytime dustup

  11. Lips & Ears: Captain Kirk Edition

    Courtney Friel has a 'Star Trek' moment with William Shatner

  12. Lips & Ears: 5/9

    Britney fights for her kids; Jamie Lynn dishes about Brit, and Barbara tells all

  1. 'Alec Baldwin Honored in NYC'

    Krista Knoblauch reports at Red Carpet event

  2. O'Reilly Previews His Obama Interview

    'Factor' host gives sneak peek of his Super Bowl sit-down with the president

  3. Elisabeth Hasselbeck on 'Hannity'

    'View' co-host talks health care repeal, Sarah Palin

  4. After the Show Show: 12/8

    Get to know the FOX & Friends anchors when they let their hair down!

  5. Did Obama's Visit to 'The View' Help His Image?

    Forty-fourth president becomes first to appear on daytime talk show

  6. Swayze's Battle

    Actor opens up about fighting pancreatic cancer

  7. Who's Afraid of Bill O'Reilly?

    'View' co-hosts bolt from set during New York mosque debate

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