Christina Applegate: Yes, I ditched Brad Pitt on a date

Christina Applegate was caught off guard on live TV when she was quizzed about her ‘80s fling with Brad Pitt.

The 43-year-old was on "Watch What Happens Live!" to promote her new film "Vacation" when she took part in the infamous game "Plead The Fifth."

During the game, where guests are asked a series of personal question, host Andy Cohen took the opportunity to ask about a date she had with Brad Pitt in 1989 when she was 18.

“There was much talk of a date you went on with Brad Pitt to the MTV Movie Awards in 1989 in which you reported that you ditched mid-date, it says you ditched him for another guy,” Cohen pointed out.

“My question is who was the other guy you ditched Brad Pitt for?”

The "Married With Children" star, who had pleaded the fifth on the previous question, tried to dodge answering it.

“How many fifths do I get? I have to say it?” she asked.

“I don’t have to do nothing,” she joked as she refused to give an answer.

But that didn’t stop Cohen from asking a few “sub questions” to try get some details.

Applegate eventually revealed the man she ditched Brad for was not an actor and was not known to the public.

And did she end up seeing or dating Brad Pitt again?

Her answer was a firm, “No.”

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