Chrissy Teigen has discussed all sorts of topics relating to motherhood in recent years.

The model has been open about her fertility struggles, dealing with postpartum depression and being a new mom in the public eye.

Now the 31-year-old wants to talk about another facet of being a woman; the decision not to have children.

"I think it's really commendable to even doubt the process [of motherhood] out loud, because I don't feel like people should be pressured to have children," Teigen told Refinery29.

She continued, "I'm sure that when you announce that fact to somebody, they're very quick to be like, 'Gasp! Why don't you want kids?' And I've never been that way with people, because I don't think any of us should assume all women's goals are to have kids. It's a choice!"

However, for Teigen and her famous husband John Legend, her choice was to have children. The pair welcomed a daughter, Luna, in 2016.

"I didn't really have any fears in having a kid, just because I knew that I wanted one and we worked so hard to have her," she shared.