Chrissy Teigen accidentally published her personal phone number in new book

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Chrissy Teigen published more than just delicious recipes in her new cookbook, "Cravings."

The 30-year-old pregnant model revealed that her personal phone number also ended up on one of the pages. "Early purchasers of my cookbook were gifted with my tiiiiiny phone number on Pippa's collar on page 111," Teigen tweeted on Tuesday. "Learned this after 100 or so calls!"

In the cookbook, Teigen is seen lounging with her husband, John Legend, and dog Pippa. On the back of the dog's tag is the number with "Call if Lost." 

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Teigen quickly changed her number but didn't seem too annoyed with the publishing flub. "I have since changed it but thank you for all the kind voicemails," she wrote. "But really, to all friends, I had to change my number today so please don't be mad at me for not getting back to any texts!!!!"

While Teigen isn't getting fan phone calls anymore, she told ET that she and Legend are still receiving Rihanna's mail. The couple recently moved into the "Anti" singer's former home, and have a message for RiRi. "Rihanna, if you're watching, we have some of your mail!" Teigen joked. "You have a $19 credit towards a car purchase, I believe."

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