Cher is expecting a certain outcome from today's midterm elections. The famed singer wants Democrats to take over Congress and President Trump to suffer consequences for his actions that, she said, include lying, promoting hate and separating families.

On Monday night, the "Mama Mia" star appeared on MSNBC's "Hardball with Chris Matthews."

"I would vote for Democrat because I just believe that," the 72-year-old singer said, before shutting down Trump and his administration.

"He’s shown who he was. He showed who he was even before (...) saying that President Obama was Kenyan, you know, and Muslim, from the way that he has used hate. And we say this all the time, everyone says this, he’s a liar. He uses hate. He uses fear. "

Cher continued, "You know, I’ve said this a million times, but I think that when a man can take children away from their parents and put them in cages, and he suffers no consequence, then I don’t understand how we’re America anymore.”

Matthews went on to ask the singer about Trump and his relationship with women, pointing out the real estate mogul and former reality star received 52 percent of the female white vote in 2016. Cher responded and said she hadn't "a clue" as to how the president got the number of female votes he did.

"He’s such a misogynist. Secondly, he would take away the things that I have fought for since I was a young woman," she said.

"What I think is that a lot of these women, they’re just voting straight Republican. He was a reality star, and he seems very kind of sexy or something. Also, he promises whatever. It’s like, I’ve never seen anybody lie so good," Cher continued. "He would be the greatest actor because you can’t really tell when he’s lying and when he’s telling the truth, and I find that actually amazing. I’ve never seen anyone do that.”

At the end of the interview, Cher spoke about how she helped with voter turnout for this year's midterms.

"In five cities in Georgia and in North Dakota and in Florida, I've gotten together buses and vans and having people get to the polls," she said.

In a tweet posted earlier in the day, Cher boldly wrote that voting in the midterm elections was now a matter of "life or death."

"I have been alive through 13 Presidencies and I never thought my vote would be a matter of life or death," the star said. "Given this administration’s disregard for pre-existing conditions, climate change, gun reform and so much more, it is life or death. Please Vote."