A Beverly Hills facialist who was accused of hiring a hit man to take out a rival beautician is back in business, Page Six has learned — under the name “Killer Facials.”

Dawn DaLuise — whose clients once included Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Nicki Minaj, among other boldface names — spent 10 months in jail in 2014 after she was arrested for allegedly trying to have competitor Gabriel Suarez bumped off.

But she was later found not guilty of the crime.

Now we’re told that DaLuise is trying to rebuild her business and — resigned to the fact that she won’t be able to escape the regrettable episode — is building it into her brand.

Said a source, “The story was very, very widely reported — it was everywhere. So as soon as potential clients Google her, it’s going to come up. So she figured she may as well take ownership of it.”

We’re told DaLuise, who has reportedly also treated Christian Slater, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alicia Silverstone, has a new clinic on San Vincente Boulevard and is already working with new clients.

The skin specialist was arrested in March 2014, with early reports claiming she had hired ex-Detroit Lions player Christopher Geile to off a rival — Suarez — after he opened shop in the same building as her Skin Refinery business. She was acquitted in January 2015.

People magazine reported in 2015 that soon after Suarez’s Smooth Cheeks moved in, someone started stalking DaLuise and when she went to police for help, they instead arrested her for plotting to have Suarez killed.

She later told Dr. Phil she believed it was Suarez who was harassing her, and that when she vented in texts to pal Edward Feinstein about wishing someone would kill him, she believes Feinstein turned the messages over to police.

Feinstein was later charged with stalking DaLuise and pleaded no contest.

This report originally appeared in the New York Post.