Britney Spears Can't Be in Same Room as Cookie Dough Ice Cream

You've got to feel sorry for the crew on the Britney Spears tour.

The singer has given caterers strict instructions not to make any junk food because she's not allowed it.

Hot dogs, pizza and cookie dough ice cream have all been blacklisted.

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Staff can't even look forward to having the odd beer to unwind after shows either as Brit has banned alcohol too.

If that's not gutting enough, they are going to have to listen to Michael Jackson songs constantly. Britney has requested that Jacko's albums be played on repeat in her dressing rooms. She has stockpiled his tour DVDs and enlisted the help of his dance team to recreate his routines.

Humidifiers will also be carted about after Britney heard that Beyonce uses them to protect her voice.

A mini gym is also being transported to each show.

Sounds like a barrel of laughs.

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