Here's your Break Time for today, our round up of the best eye-catching stories on the web.

Silly Lady Gaga you forgot your clothes. One Direction doesn’t seem to mind the memory lapse.

Revenge porn could become illegal in California. Demi Lovato wished this law passed like five minutes ago.

Sir Patrick Stewart makes a very awkward video and appears to be high on life…shall we say.

One internet trend that will never change is creepy Craigslist’s dating ads. This one is sure to not disappoint on the ick-o-meter.

Fashion designer Valentino not only creates cutting edge styles but he now has shared his eating habits which make Kate Moss look like a glutton.

Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus continue their fall from grace with a duet called, “Twerk.”

For fast-food lovers rejoice! McDonald’s will be serving chicken wings.  Now you have no excuse gentlemen to go to Hooters for the wings.  Women have never bought that line.