Need a break? Check out these three stories.

First up, Danica Patrick responded to claims from former NASCAR driver Kyle Petty that she's "not a race car driver." Petty claimed the Go Daddy hottie can qualify better than she races. Patrick fired back: "I don’t really care. It’s funny he said I can qualify and not race. Anyone who has watched what I do knows I’m crap in qualifying. In the races, things go much better." Click the video above to find out more. 

Next, the Tan Mom had us convinced she'd quit tanning cold turkey, but it turns out while in Florida for alcohol-related rehab, she bought nine tanning sessions and used them all in the same day. Old habits die hard. 

Finally, we have a quick golf love story for you. Over the weekend, golf pro Jessica Korda fired her caddy mid-game, but romance saved the day when her boyfriend came to her rescue. Watch the video to find out more.