Blink 182 video stars Hannah Stocking and Vale Genta are The Next Emily Ratajkowskis

FOX411 famously crowned model Charlotte McKinney "The Next Kate Upton," setting her up for limitless fame and fortune. Now we follow up that gift to the world by bestowing the title of "The Next Emily Ratajkowski" on not one, but two up-and-coming models.

Hannah Stocking and Vale Genta star are two of three models starring in their birthday suits in Blink 182’s new video, “She’s Out of her Mind,” just like Ratajkowski did in Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video. But while Ratajkowski was safely hidden inside a studio, The Next Emily Ratajkowskis were running around in the streets of LA.

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“We weren’t technically naked but we were running around a lot and it was fun – we got a lot of honks so that was funny," Genta said. "It was cool. We got a lot of exercise."

As for their comparison to Ratajkowski, they are embracing it.

“It’s such a compliment," Genta said.

But while each is flattered by the association, they have different career goals than their fellow model.

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“I know she does some acting but that definitely would be more of my priority for me but she does have a great career,” explained Genta.

Stocking agreed.

“Likewise, well said, Vale.”