"Biutiful" Thoughts on Golden Globes, Life, as Movie Opens

As his new movie hits theatres Friday, "Biutiful" actor Javier Bardem and director Alejandro González Iñárritu expressed their thoughts on the breakout film and the movie industry.

Bardem, for his part, touched on the importance of the Golden Globes, where the film scored a nomination in the "Best Foreign Films" category.

The Mexican star said: "Movies are products that need to be sold, and we are proud of our product.”

González Iñárritu, meanwhile, explained how with "Biutiful," his goal was to demonstrate his perspective on life and living.

“I feel a lot of compassion for human beings going through difficult times,” Iñárritu said.

On life, González Iñárritu advised to “love to your kids in every circumstance as much as possible.”

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