Bill Murray to have cameo on new Rashida Jones' TV show

Good news for Bill Murray fans. The beloved comedian is set to hit the small screen in another "likely hilarious" TV cameo. The news just dropped yesterday that the "Olive Kitteridge" star plans to appear on Rashida Jones' new show "Angie Tribeca," which will follow LAPD's elite RHCU (Really Heinous Crimes Unit). Due to the nature of the show and Murray's recent cameo in NBC's "Parks and Recreation" about two weeks back, we're left wondering if he could play a dead guy on TV, yet again.

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While we very much love Bill Murray (complete with a heartbeat), we certainly wouldn't mind if he again hilariously chose to flirt with death in his upcoming appearance on Jones' comedy series. According to EW, Murray is set to guest-star as Vic Deakins, “an amiable grocery store clerk” who hits on Angie Tribeca (Jones) while on the job, going so far as to slip her his phone number. From the sound of it, he will very much be alive, but with the comedian only appearing in a single episode, it definitely has us wondering if he will meet a sudden fate. I mean, it is a police procedural parody show.

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Jones is not the only "Angie Tribeca" team member to have ties to Murray. The "Alpha House" actor also appeared opposite Steve Carell (exec producer of the upcoming comedy) in a scene of his 2008 spy comedy "Get Smart."