Beauty & Pinups model Katie Meade: 'People with disabilities can have abilities'

Beauty & Pin-ups brand model Katie Meade is making history as the first beauty ambassador with Downs Syndrome. Meade told FOX411 why she loves defying odds, and redefining beauty.

“I love showing the world that people with disabilities can have abilities," Meade said.

CEO of Beauty & Pin-ups Kenny Kahn explained why they chose Meade as the face of their brand.

“Katie is an extraordinary woman. We’ve gotten to know Katie over the past six months. We’ve spent a lot of time together," Khan said. "When we came up for the concept of 'Fearless,' those of us on the team looked at each other. She’s the most fearless person we know, and she tackles life’s challenges in unbelievable ways that we all should."

One of life’s challenges for Katie is changing society’s view on what beauty is and who it belongs to.

“I love to show people and tell people that beauty belongs to everyone,” said Meade.

Through Meade’s relationship with organization Best Buddies, she also met superstar athlete Tom Brady. She said the experience as “awesome” expects the Patriots quarterback will “probably” want her autograph one day.

Her takeaway message for empowering women? Let them know that with or without disabilities, they can “shine.”