Ashley Graham is Officially a Sports Illustrated 'Rookie,' Ryan Reynolds is Officially the 'Sexiest' Dad, and More

Here's what all the hubbub's about:

• After appearing in a print ad in 2015's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, stunning plus-size model Ashley Graham will be making her debut as an official "rookie" in the 2016 issue (above). So it stands to reason that the handsome guy from the issue's annual Dos Equis ad might have a really good shot at next year's edition!

• Speaking of the Swimsuit issue, the folks at SI have only revealed a handful of 2016's "rookies" — so there's still time for Mara Teigen to make the cut. Watch the clip below to learn why Teigen's SI casting was different than any of her others, then that prove she looks much better in a bikini than the Dos Equis guy.

• According to USA Today, Red Lobster saw a 33 percent boost in sales after Beyonce name-dropped the restaurant in her new song "Formation." That said, we're guessing that the manager of your neighborhood's struggling Applebee's is really hoping that Lady Gaga writes an opus about their new "2 for $20" menu.

• As revealed on Tuesday night's "Tonight Show," actor Ryan Reynolds of the new "Deadpool" film has been honored as People magazine's "Sexiest Dad Alive." Unfortunately, this means you'll have to call your dad and break the bad news.

• Disney has announced that a theatrical adaptation of their 2013 film "Frozen" will be coming to Broadway in the spring 2018. Also coming to Broadway in the spring 2018? You, along with any "Frozen"-obsessed children you may have spawned.

• Johnny Depp told Entertainment Weekly that he "tortured" Leonardo DiCaprio on the set of their 1993 film "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" by refusing to engage DiCaprio in conversation or give him cigarettes. In all fairness, though, if Depp had known that DiCaprio would grow up to replace him as our premiere goateed movie star, he might've been nicer.

• Netflix has finally released a full-length trailer for "Fuller House," which not only acknowledges how none of the principal actors have aged, but also reveals why Michelle is nowhere to be seen: because the other girls mercilessly taunted her with her own dumb catchphrases. No, really:

• In order to speed up the acceptance speeches, the Academy has reportedly asked all Oscar nominees to hand in a pre-written list of the people they want to thank, which will simply scroll across the bottom of the telecast if they win. Because really, if there's one issue that's been annoying everyone about the current crop of exclusively white Oscars nominees, it's that their thank-yous might run too long. (?!?)

• And finally, former Disney star Dylan Sprouse ("The Suite Life of Zack and Cody") has reportedly signed on to portray Jughead in "Riverdale," a new CW series based on the Archie Comics. Sprouse, however, has already acknowledged that he doesn't exactly look the part (he's a blond), so we'll just have to assume he impressed the producers with his innate ability to piss-off Mr. Weatherbee.