Angelina Jolie and Billy Crystal's awkward appearances talk of the Oscars

Perhaps fitting on a night when a silent film took top honors, it wasn't so much what people said, but how they looked, that sparked attention on Sunday night's Academy Awards show.

Angelina Jolie, not even nominated for an Oscar this year, still managed to become the talk of the night.

Donning a strapless black velvet Versace dress, the screen siren played on her vixen reputation when she took to the stage as a presenter, pausing momentarily with her leg hitched, the daring thigh-high split of her dress revealing one long, ultra lean leg. The surprised audience gasped and laughed nervously. Then whispered ... Huh?

(We know, we were in the audience. Second row. Kaching!)

And Twitter blew up, but perhaps not in the fashion Jolie was anticipating.

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"Angelina Jolie's arms are skinnier than any kid's she could adopt from Africa," said one, while another wrote: "Sweet baby Jesus Angelina Jolie put it away your children are watching."

Others however, defended the A-lister and her seemingly out-of-place flesh flashing with comments that her leg needs a twitter account of her own, and that she's "still a hottie."

But Jolie wasn't the one who's appearance raised an eyebrow or two, for those who still can move their eyebrows, that is.

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Rumblings went through the audience about how on earth Billy Crystal managed to look the same - if not younger - than when he first hosted Hollywood's night of nights in 1990.

"Could Billy's face be any tighter?" one crowd member said, maybe a little too loudly. And while he was busy making jokes, the joke was also on him too.

"Billy Crystal's hair looked to be from 1987 whilst his face looked to be from 2035. space age technology hard at work. pretty handsome," one Tweeter tweeted.

Next on the "what the" list? Tom Cruise.

"How is it possible that Tom Cruise has not aged at all?" was the topic of conversation as we left the theater after the "Mission Impossible" star presented the final Best Picture award of the night.

Others quipped that he's found the "Fountain of Youth" and doesn't look a day older than 25...

While the Oscars is, of course, the ultimate night of nights as far as the entertainment industry goes, one cannot help but wonder if some in the A-list crowd took the quest to be young and beautiful just a needle too far.

According to multiple leading surgeons and Hollywood insiders, it is common for stars to spend thousands on last minute fillers and cosmetic procedures in the days leading up to the big shindig.

Dr. Tony Nakhla, a high-end Beverly Hills dermatologist, said the cosmetic concierge services he provides to talent in the days prior can run up to $30,000. His consultation fee alone is $7,000.

His most common beautifying services?

“Filler injections in the lips, for cheek bone augmentation, overall facial re-volumizing and hand rejuvenation,” Nakhla said. “The vast majority also undergo a combination of all three, individually tailored to their needs.”

And if not their needs, definitely their wants.