Amanda Bynes’ parents reportedly heading to court to seek conservatorship

It’s the Britney saga all over again.

The parents of former child star Amanda Bynes are going to court on Friday to try and convince a judge to grant them control over their 27-year-old daughter’s financial and personal affairs, according to E! News.

Bynes, whose zany behavior over the past several months has drawn endless media attention, is currently under a 72-hour psychiatric hold.

The actress was taken away by police after she allegedly lit a fire in the driveway of a random person’s home in her parents’ Thousand Oaks neighborhood in California. After questioning, the police determined that Bynes met the criteria for a 5150 hold-- meaning she was taken for mental analysis because police determined she was a threat to herself or others.

Now her parents Lynne and Rick desperately want to gain control of their daughter’s life, which appears to be spinning out of control at an alarming rate.

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They are seeking a conservatorship, a move made famous by Britney Spears’ dad after she had a similar psychiatric breakdown back in 2008. Spears was also taken in on a 5150 hold and her father has had legal control of her life ever since.

TMZ reported Bynes’ parents are currently caring for the star's pet Pomeranian—the one that she allegedly drenched in gasoline while lighting a fire near their home.