Alina Puscau Bumps Marge Simpson Off Half of November Playboy Covers

Plus the alternative, supermodel Alina Puscau, is more much more pleasing to the eye.

Pop Tarts caught up with Puscau for the inside scoop on being shot for the men’s mag but none other than Hollywood big-wig (who happens to be her boyfriend) Brett Ratner.

Q: How did you feel about Marge getting all the attention before the magazine came out?

A: I was so excited to hear that I would be sharing the cover of Playboy with Marge Simpson. She is much more famous than I am so I suspected she would get all the attention.

Q: What was it like posing nude for your man? Did it make it easier?

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A: It was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. Brett is a perfectionist. The shoot took 18 hours and we had to come back another day because he wasn’t satisfied.

Q: Does he mind millions of men ogling at you in the mag?

A: He is not the jealous type and he is actually proud to date a girl who is in Playboy.

Q: Brett recently signed on to direct the upcoming Hugh Hefner movie … anything you can share?

A: I can’t discuss that. It’s top secret. You have to ask Brett. But I can tell you that he is very excited about it and he is working on the script.

Q: As a Ralph Lauren model yourself, were you surprised about the recent controversy surrounding the fired model because she was "too fat"?

A: I didn’t hear about the controversy, but I personally like having a few extra pounds on me because my boyfriend likes it.