Alexa Ray Joel Discusses Her Dad's Influence: 'He's a Musical Encyclopedia'

It's pretty clear why Alexa Ray Joel is finding success as a recording artist: After seeing her perform, there's no doubt she inherited her father's natural gift for music.

She also takes a queue from Billy when it comes to her favorite musical genres, as she mentions in her recent interview with Fox News Magazine.

"He can transcend genres and do all of these different voices," says Joel of her father. "He can do that more doo-wop, Frankie-Valli-and-the-Four-Seasons sound that he does on "52nd Street," but he can be more of a classic rock n' roll guy, which he does on "Glass Houses."

"I learned about embracing all different genres as opposed to just getting attached to one," Joel explains.

Watch the interview above to hear more of Alexa's stories of her father, including one about his funny reaction to her cover of "Just the Way You Are."