'100,000 Pyramid' contestant's 'bin Laden' answer goes viral

It has already been called “the flub of a lifetime.”

A contestant on ABC’s “$100,000 Pyramid” that aired Sunday appeared to mix up the names Obama and Usama when he was teamed with 'Saturday Night Live' alum Tim Meadows.

The subject was easy enough: “People Whose Last Name is Obama.” But Evan Kaufman, the contestant, told Meadows “Usama.” He managed to correct the response and say, “Barack,” but in a world with social media, the cat was out of the bag.

Kaufman took to Twitter and was a good sport and laughed at his mistake. He posted a video of the flub, and wrote, “So. This is me below. Racist $100,000 Pyramid Guy.” He called the mistake “perhaps the most embarrassing moment” of his life.

He called Meadows one of his heroes and that he was a big fan of the former president and said he would have voted for him a third time. Deadline reported that he pointed out that his son had been born two weeks earlier and it could be “the whole tired dad thing.”

He ended up leaving with $8,500. And, as he put it on Twitter, “the story of the worst pyramid guess of all-time.”