Dillon is 27 years old. (Getty Images)

Ty Dillon says NASCAR needs to do this to increase attendance

NASCAR has been struggling with falling attendance in recent years.

It’s an issue that was highlighted by a particularly poor turnout in April at Bristol Motor Speedway, where the mostly empty stadium was a bad look for the series.


Some venues, including Kentucky Speedway and Las Vegas Motor Speedway, have been reducing the number of seats in recent years to address with the situation, but one driver thinks they can do more.

“As technology grows, we gotta do things different,” Ty Dillon told reporters at Pocono Raceway this past weekend.


“Sitting still in the stands is just not the way that the world’s going to keep going.”

Dillon suggests a more interactive experience with multiple dimensions of entertainment and unused grandstand areas replaced with entertainment decks.

“People want to be able to move around,” he said. “They want to be able to see different angles. It’s the way the mind is kind of growing with the younger ages.

The average age of a NASCAR fan has been increasing, even as the average age of a driver has dropped from 38 to 33 over the past decade and a half. At 27, Dillon brings an important perspective to the discussion.

“We’ve got to get them here, because once they get here they love our sport. Our sport’s incredible, it’s the best live sport there is.