General Motors has promised to have 20 electric vehicles on sale by 2023, but it looks like there will actually be 22.

The automaker has announced plans to introduce a pair of electric bicycles next year.


One has a fixed frame, while the other is foldable. GM hasn’t said if they are purely pedal-assist or have throttles, but they are "connected" and were developed with help from "great minds from the bike industry."

As for what brand they’ll be sold under, that’s up to you. GM is holding a contest to come up with a new brand name for its two-wheel vehicles.

First prize in the eBikeBrandChallenge is $10,000, while nine runner-ups will get $1,000 each.

Whether either of those amounts will be enough to buy one of the bikes likely won’t be known until the winning name is announced on January 31.