Florida man 'went crazy' after finding boa constrictor on his car engine

A Miami Gardens, Fla., man “just went crazy” last week when he popped the hood of his Cadillac SRX to do some work on it and found a boa constrictor just sitting there chilling...well, warming up on the engine.

Ernst Dimanche told WSVN that he’d just returned from dropping his kids off at school on Friday morning and that, for all he knows, the snake had been along for the ride.

“He found the sweet spot. He’s loving it. And no matter what I do, it ain’t coming out.”

So Dimanche called animal services to see if they could remove it, but he couldn’t afford the $300 fee.

He then asked Miami-Dade Fire Rescue for help, but the team that came to his house was concerned about injuring the snake.

After several hours, his neighbor, Dimitri Giddings, grabbed a coat hanger and deftly pulled what turned out to be the not very long snake from its perch, then set it free.

“I guess he little moments count, you know what I mean? And if I can help somebody have a better day, you know, that’s great,” Giddings told WSVN.

While Giddings saved the day for Dimanche, he's going to have to step it up if he wants to impress a garage owner in India who pulled an 8-foot python out of a customer's car with his bare hands last year.