The first mid-engine Corvette has finally been built.

Car number 001 rolled off Chevy’s Bowling Green, Ky., assembly line on Monday. The car was originally scheduled to be built last fall, but production was delayed by the UAW strike against GM.


The black Stingray coupe already has a home. It was purchased for $3 million at a charity auction in January by NASCAR team owner Rick Hendrick, who said it’s going straight into his collection of historic Corvettes and Chevys and will never be driven. The price set a record for a new Corvette, and the entire amount is earmarked for the Detroit Children’s Fund.

The factory will now start pumping out the cars, which start at $59,995, and Chevy says deliveries are expected to begin in late February or early March.

Chevy hasn’t confirmed how many it plans to produce for 2020, but executives have said the entire allocation is essentially spoken for already. A convertible version will be added to the lineup later in the year.