Fiat 500 is being phased out in US

Fiat USA is saying farewell to the 500.


The automaker has announced that sales of its throwback microcar will end in the U.S. when the existing 2019 model year inventory is exhausted sometime next year. That means there won’t be any 2020 versions of the 500 or battery-powered 500e.


Just 1,692 of the coupes and convertibles were sold through June, which represents a 25 percent drop from the prior year and is a far cry from the more than 43,000 delivered in 2012, before small cars began their industrywide decline.

Volkswagen ended production of its own little set of wheels, the retro-style Beetle, this year.

Despite the drop, the 500 is currently Fiat’s best-seller, but the brand says its cancellation doesn’t mean it's closing up shop. It will continue on with the 500X and 500L subcompact SUVs and 124 Spider sports car.