All-electric hearse. (SWNS)

Electric Nissan hearse is the green way to go

A funeral director has become the first in the U.K. to offer environmentally friendly send-offs in an all-electric hearse.


The eco-friendly vehicle is available at 16 funeral homes across Oxfordshire offering environmentally-conscious families a greener alternative to traditional hearses. The adapted Nissan Leaf features a large glass panel on the passenger side, in place of doors, so a coffin can be easily loaded into the car.

The vehicle can travel over 100 miles on a single charge while the coffin takes up most of the space, so much so that the driver actually sits alongside it rather than in front.


Midcounties Co-operative Funeralcare said they took the decision after realizing “many of our customers strive to preserve and protect the environment.”

Mark Adams, the company's chief operating officer, said: “We are pleased to give our customers a choice that will help them honor these beliefs.”


The firm says they are looking to offer greener alternatives and already have other sustainable products such as eco-friendly coffins, caskets and biodegradable urns.

Mr. Adams added: “Our new eco-hearses are also a step forward for our continuous commitment to reducing CO2 emissions and aiming for a more sustainable future.

“We will keep on working and developing sustainability initiatives across all areas of the business to help secure a better future for the planet.”