Aston Martin's first new engine in 50 years is a 'hot' V6

Automotive production may be at a standstill due to the coronavirus outbreak, but future product development continues.

(Aston Martin)

Aston Martin has revealed the first new engine that it’s developed entirely on its own in more than a half-century.

The previous one was the famed 5.3-liter V8 that launched in 1969 and powered all of the company’s models for two decades, until it was supplanted by motors based on Ford and then Mercedes-AMG technology.

(Aston Martin)

The new engine is a compact 3.0-liter V6 that will be the beating heart of a hybrid powertrain debuting next year in the mid-engine Valhalla that Aston Martin said will be more powerful than the current 715 hp DBS Superleggera.

Full details for the TM01 (named for 5.3-liter designer Tadek Marek) have not been revealed, but it features a “Hot-V” design, with twin turbos mounted between the cylinder banks, and a dry-sump oiling system that allows it to be mounted lower in the chassis and can more efficiently lubricate the engine during high-speed cornering.

(Aston Martin)

Following its debut in the Valhalla, the V6 will find its way into other future models.

“Investing in your own powertrains is a tall order, but our team have risen to the challenge. Moving forward, this power unit will be integral to a lot of what we do and the first signs of what this engine will achieve are incredibly promising,” Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer said in a press release.

Aston Martin plans to build 500 Valhalla's at roughly $1.3 million each, and it will feature in the upcoming James Bond film "No Time to Die."