Martha Stewart delivered eggs in her Aston Martin during coronavirus outbreak

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Martha Stewart has been moonlighting as a delivery driver during New York’s coronavirus closures, but of course, she’s doing it with a little more style than most.

The lifestyle guru posted a photo to Instagram on Sunday of her delivering eggs from her farm to a friend’s house in her 15-year-old Aston Martin DB9.

According to The Drive, she’s usually spotted in a Mercedes-GLS, and she notes in the post’s caption that the V12-powered Aston Martin has a manual transmission and is “not very easy to drive,” but sounds great. She also said she dropped the eggs off at the curb to maintain social distancing.

Stewart is no stranger to cool cars, however. In fact, along with her Bedford, N.Y., estate, she owns the former Maine vacation home of Edsel Ford, where she keeps a fully restored Edsel Roundup station wagon in the garage.