Woman got refund after Christmas tree died, fellow shopper says

What happens when Christmas is over and your tree is dead? You bring it back where you bought it and get a refund, right?

That's what a California woman tried to do Jan. 4, when she brought her dead tree back to a Costco store, the Sun reported.

And she succeeded, according to a fellow customer, who snapped a photo of the woman waiting in the checkout line with her dried-out tree at the Santa Clara, Calif., store.

“Woman in line at a Costco, totally nonchalant, to return her Christmas Tree “because it is dead” on January 4th,” Scott Bentley wrote in a Facebook post. “If I didn’t see it, I wouldn’t believe that someone had so little moral values or lack of conscience.”

But first, according to Bentley, the woman was questioned, had the purchase verified on her account, "and she was shamed to a small degree."

He added: “I don’t think it fazed her because she has no conscience – she didn’t seem to mind that I took a photo and said ‘Are you serious?!’”

He also noted that the situation left him feeling “sad and sorry.”

Costco is known for a lenient return policy, the paper reported.