Officials considered purchasing a wide swath of land in Snohomish County over concern a landslide could “threaten life and property” in the area.

The Seattle Times reported Thursday that in 2004 these officials said the cost of buying the property in the Steelhead Haven neighborhood “would be significant,” but could save lives. The estimated cost would have been $1.1 million for 75 parcels of land.

The number of confirmed deaths in the Washington state mudslide rose to 30 on Thursday with the release of another victim's name

Officials at the time reportedly decided to stabilize the slope.

The paper reported that while county officials said the fatal slide was unforeseen, the new documents indicate there was some degree of concern over a decade ago.

"If I'd known it was that dangerous, I would have moved in a heartbeat," Dale Dunshee, who owned property in the area, told the paper. Several residents in the community reportedly said they had no idea about the county’s concern about a landslide.

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