Washington College says it's resuming normal operations following gun threat

Washington College in Maryland says it will resume normal operations Tuesday after suspending classes when a missing student went home Pennsylvania to get a gun.

The school in Chestertown on the state's Eastern Shore however urges people on campus to continue to shelter in place through Monday night.

On Tuesday, the school said that law enforcement will continue to have a presence on campus.

"There has been no evidence of a direct threat against individuals or the campus community as a whole, but the college and law enforcement ask everyone to be cautious and vigilant," the school said on its website.

College spokesman Michael O'Connor told the Associated Press that the parents of a sophomore notified the school early Monday that the student returned home outside Philadelphia and retrieved a firearm.

The college says Chestertown police currently consider the student a missing person, last seen driving a green Range Rover.

Students in three residence halls were initially moved to facilitate a search of those buildings.

The private school on a 112-acre campus was founded in 1782. It has about 1,450 students.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.