Shocking footage shows the moment a cheerleader brawled with a bully after she was punched in the head.

The Californian teen was seen repeatedly trying to make peace, saying: “Nobody wants to fight, no one wants to fight with you guys.”

However, footage shows the cheerleader then being attacked the bully, kick-starting a brutal row which was filmed by bystanders.


After the fight kicked off, the cheerleader managed to flip her opponent to the ground, get on top of the bully, and continue to pummel her.

Eventually, the bully walked away from the cheerleader, and bystanders dispersed.

The fight broke out after the cheerleader - who was dressed in uniform - repeatedly told the bully that she did not want to fight, and asked her not to touch her before she was physically attacked.

The teen's sister, Sierra Sprague, shared the video clip to her Twitter account, and it went viral with over 7.3 million views, 108,000 retweets and over 346,000 likes.