TSA trains Super Bowl vendors to spot terror threats

INDIANAPOLIS -- Thousands of stadium workers set to serve at Super Bowl XLVI have been trained by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to spot terror threats at Sunday's big game, The New York Post reports.

From parking-lot attendants to hot-dog sellers, the government has put some 8,000 employees and volunteers at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis through their First Observer training program.

Patti Hammerle, an event volunteer who will be signing up people for chances to win free prizes, said, "They told us to look for suspicious people and things that didn't look right. It's been fabulous. Knowing everybody was watching out made me feel safer."

Lorraine Wright, a worker at the NFL Experience venue, said she took the government's anti-terror training online.

"They had us looking for suspicious activity," she said. "You know, people who looked out of place or just wandering around asking a lot of questions."

Security staff went through two days of on-site training on what to look for.

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