Tribal official: Navajo police officer, gunman killed in shooting; 2nd officer wounded

Officials say a Navajo police officer and a gunman are dead following a shooting Thursday in the Four Corners region of northern Arizona.

Tribal spokesman Rick Abasta says police responded to reports of a man armed with an assault rifle holding his family hostage near the northern New Mexico town of Shiprock.

He says the suspect fired on an officer and then fled the scene, setting off a manhunt that stretched into nearby Arizona.

Abasta says that around 10:30 p.m., the office of Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly received word that the suspect shot and killed one Navajo officer and wounded another.

He says the suspect was also killed in the shooting near Red Valley, Arizona.

The wounded officer was treated at Shiprock Medical Center, but there was no word on a condition.

No other information was immediately available, including names.