Trial starts for Arizona fire captain accused of 3 killings

Attorneys are set to deliver opening statements Wednesday in the trial of a former Arizona fire captain who rose through the ranks while police worked to solve three cold-case killings he is now accused of committing.

Police say David Watson killed his ex-wife during a custody battle in 2000 and disposed of her body in the desert. Her body was found in 2003 but wasn't identified until 2011.

Three years after his wife was reported missing, Watson was embroiled in a legal battle over the couple's only daughter with his former mother-in-law.

She and a friend were gunned down in 2003 following a court-mandated visit with the girl.

Watson worked for the Tucson Fire Department for 20 years and was promoted to captain in 2007. Authorities have said the department wasn't notified he was a suspect.