Things are looking Upton: High school senior lands supermodel Nina Agdal for prom date

As high school dream dates go  . . .  this was a doozy.

After famously falling short on his admittedly game, Internet-borne attempt to coax American swimsuit goddess Kate Upton to accompany him to his prom, Jake Davidson made out just fine in the end.

As it happened, Davidson squired Upton-colleague and fellow supermodel Nina Agdal, 21, to his big dance Thursday, instead.

"I never thought it was going to happen, but it was quite the twist -- one of the most awesome twists," Davidson told The Los Angeles Daily News. "I'll definitely tell stories about this for the rest of my life."


Here’s how this most improbable of adolescent Cinderella tales came to fruition:

Davidson in March conjured a YouTube video that quickly went viral -- with 2.6 million views -- inviting Upton – of all people – to his high school prom.  The Milken Community High School senior and Sherman Oaks 17-year-old notably counted off a cadre of reasons during the starstruck soliloquy why Upton should date down, per se, for a single night.

“I’m Jewish, 5’9” on a really good day – and I can’t dance. At all,” Davidson ambitiously says in the video. “You’re Christian, 5’10”, and that Cat Daddy video should have won an Oscar for best short film. You could say this is destiny.”

And for a New York or, rather, L.A.-minute, it seemed Upton entertained the enterprising invite . . . until she, at last, concluded that her challenging schedule wouldn’t allow for the West Coast detour.

But then the improbable occurred and Danish supermodel and fellow Sports Illustrated swimsuit beauty Agdal – who was notably named the magazine’s 2012 Rookie of the Year -- picked up the slack.

The Danish darling arrived to Davidson's house 3 p.m., according to the Daily News, emerging from a limo gowned in a flowing sage-green number. Donning heels, she reportedly towered over the high school senior.

Yet, together, they reportedly unearthed common ground during the hour-plus-long limo ride through Los Angeles’ notorious traffic-choked streets en route to  Annenberg Community Beach House in Santa Monica.

"I don't really dance and neither does she," Davidson told The News. "So we bonded over the inability to slow dance."

The unlikeliest-of-pairs reportedly attended a pre-prom shindig near Beverly Hills, before proceeding to the dance. But apparently the clock struck midnight a wee-bit early for Davidson, as Agdal retired after only a single hour.

However, the adolescent is now holding out for an encore with his dazzling Dane.

"I had a great prom. It was shorter than I expected, but it was still an awesome day," Davidson reportedly said. "It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

"I kind of jokingly invited her to lunch, and I'm still waiting for that," Davidson said Friday morning. "But I definitely said that next time she's in L.A., she's welcome to hit me up."