Texas woman sues gym over 'sexually suggestive' exercises

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A Dallas woman is suing L.A. Fitness after she says two trainers forced her to do sexually suggestive exercises and behaved inappropriately towards her.

CBS DFW reports Jaimie Johnson says her problems began when a trainer she saw at the gym in Plano made her do exercises she felt were inappropriate.

“He would answer bluntly, ‘So, I can see your chest move while you do it," Johnson said the trainer responded when she questioned him about the exercises. "And, not in an exercising kind of way. More in a sexual way."

Johnson got a new trainer, who she says also made lewd comments towards her. She claims the trainer even sent her a vulgar text, which was opened by her 5-year-old son.

When Johnson complained to the company's corporate offices, she says they offered her $400. Her lawyers say in the lawsuit Johnson suffered traumatic emotional distress and couldn’t function through her daily activities, and that her husband also suffered.

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“I would like to have these guys realize they can’t treat women this way,” Johnson told CBS DFW.

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