Texas business owner to donate 'In God We Trust' decals for city-owned vehicles

A small business owner volunteered to create special "In God We Trust" decals for police cars and fire engines in a city east of Dallas, as the city council legalized the stickers Tuesday.

Jay Stinson said he made the pledge after learning last week that the city of Forney was considering the proposal. The Freedom From Religion Foundation had challenged many similar plans in other parts of the country.

It's unclear whether the atheist group will target the Forney resolution.

"I believe in the words of this motto. I believe that our country was founded on this motto and believe that this project will be a small step to unite our community and make people feel better about our police and fire entities," Stinson told ABC News. He owns a store in Forney that sells signs and banners, among other items.

He estimates that producing decals for all of Forney's city-owned vehicles could cost him as much as $2,500.

Forney is roughly 20 miles east of Dallas.