Teen severely injured in 'fight club' attack reportedly viewed by paying onlookers

A central Ohio 16-year-old girl was pummeled in a fight that was recorded by several onlookers in what some are calling a "fight club" that charges spectators money to look on or participate.

The girl appeared to be outsized and suffered blows from several others in the group. Galion police Chief Brian Saterfield said the confrontation last week is under investigation. Crawford County prosecutors say charges haven't been filed.

A Galion police report says video shows the backyard fight began during an ongoing argument between two girls, and one started punching the other. The first girl fell to the ground and the other girl continued punching her. Two others then hit the first girl and yelled obscenities.

Brianna McCullough, the injured girl's mother, says it's disturbing that witnesses recorded on cellphones but didn't intervene or help her daughter. The teen drove herself home and was hospitalized.

“Everybody had the cell phone in their hand and was willing to videotape it, but not one of them was willing to 9-1-1,” Saterfield said. “There were plenty of people there to stop it and they chose not to.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report