Surveillance Video Captures Teens Beating 73-Year-Old Elderly Man

Cleveland, OH Police say a group of teens -- aged, 15-18 years -- pulled a 73-year-old man from his car, then kicked, beat and punched him relentlessly. Fox 8 News reports this unthinkable crime.

The vicious assault was caught on a surveillance camera.

Sgt. David Rutt of the Cleveland Police Dept. says the teens started attacking after the man and his 51-year-old friend, got angry because the teens were loitering near his house.

"There was a group of six to seven juveniles standing in the driveway, blocking their entrance," said Sgt. Rutt. "The juveniles became more aggressive."

Sgt. Rutt says the men did the right thing, by driving away from the E. 71st St. home in an attempt to get away from mob of angry teens.

Police say the men drove down the street to Harpster's Market.

The 51-year-old man got out of the car and went inside to call police. According to police, that's when the trouble began.

"The juveniles followed them down to the market and while the one man is inside using the phone to call police, the crowd began to taunt the passenger," said Sgt. Rutt.

The teens the pulled the 73-year-old man from his car.

First, two teens started kicking him, then the group grew to around six teens, all beating, punching and kicking the elderly man.

The mob of teens also attacked the 51-year-old man. Both were hospitalized, one with facial fractures.

Cleveland police have arrested four of the teens seen in the video, but they're still looking for two more.

Sgt. Rutt says the surveillance video clearly shows the severity of the crime.

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