Street signs in California city unreadable, replacements coming soon

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Street signs in a California city have reportedly become so faded that some motorists are using GPS devices to find their way around.

FOX 40 reports that 119 signs in the Eastgate neighborhood of Ceres are in poor condition, making basic navigation difficult, particularly for non-local drivers.

“The street signs are faded you can’t even see what they say,” resident Melissa Freeman told the station. “I mean I have only been here a year and a half, but they have been in real bad shape since I’ve been here.”

City officials said they’ve recently placed orders for new signs, but could not indicate what took so long or why they chose now to replace them. New signs are expected sometime this month.

“I try to have friends here," resident Anthony Vargas said. "It gets frustrating that people can’t find their way here that easy."

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