Sister caught kissing brother in jail now ... back in jail

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In case you were curious what else goes on in the life of a Texas woman who admitted to carrying on an affair with her brother, it apparently involves charges of choking one's husband—and yes, that's a different person than dear old bro.

Charlene Ellet was released on bond Saturday after a shoplifting bust the previous day, but was arrested two days later after allegedly assaulting her husband after a dispute "over a cellular phone," at the same motel Ellet told police she and her brother carried on their affair, the Houston Chronicle and Gawker report.

Though Ellet said her husband had assaulted her, he had "scratches and redness on his neck and had a hard time talking due to swelling around his throat," police say, which was consistent with his version of events: "She reportedly had put him in a chokehold," a police rep says.

Ellet is back in the Montgomery County Jail on a $50,000 bond; her kissing partner reportedly remains in jail on an $8,000 bond. (In other weird crime news, this could be one of the dumbest things ever said to a cop during a DUI stop.)

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