San Francisco homeless man rushes to aid police officer in violent encounter with suspect

He was just doing the right thing.

A homeless San Francisco man who reportedly came to the aid of a city policewoman, under attack from an enraged citizen, is now saying he simply acted his conscience in potentially saving her life.

“An officer was being beaten up, a human; so I just did what’s right, you know,” the 35-year-old Ryan Raso told KGO-TV.

"The person had the officer kind of in a chokehold, was kind of, had the officer against the wall, kind of banging, beating her head into the wall," Raso reportedly said.

"A law enforcement officer is saying, 'help me, help me' when there's no one else around doing anything.”

The incident reportedly occurred last Monday, around 7 p.m., when a female officer tried to arrest an irate woman who had been “jumping up and down on cars, denting them, vandalizing them.”

The hubbub drew a small crowd, although everyone but Raso stood idly by, according to KGO-TV.

Raso, the son of an NYPD detective, told the station that when the woman tried to grab the officer's gun, he wrestled her down until additional officers arrived.

It reportedly took four days for the officer’s colleagues to track down Raso – to not only thank him for the assist, but also to buy him a new headset, since his was damaged during the scrum.

Raso, for his part, told KGO-TV his crime-fighting pop would have been proud.

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