Results are in: Philadelphia Zoo's baby gorilla has a name

The results are in, and the new baby gorilla at the Philadelphia Zoo has a name.

Zoo officials announced Monday the female baby will be called Amani, which means "peace" in Swahili.

The public was invited to help choose the baby Western lowland gorilla's name. The zoo partnered with a sanctuary in the Democratic Republic of the Congo that rehabilitates Grauer's gorillas whose families have been killed by poachers.

Voters went online to donate a dollar each and chose from a list of names honoring orphaned gorillas. The money benefits the sanctuary.

Amani is named after an 8-year-old gorilla that was rescued in the Congo in 2009. The gorilla was found dehydrated and with a poacher's bullet in the leg.

The zoo says the gorilla now has a good life at the sanctuary.