Police say around 40 dead cats found in freezers in NYC storage unit

Around 40 dead cats were found in freezers in a New York City storage unit Monday night, police said.

Authorities told CBS New York that 40 frozen cats were found in two freezers. However, that number could increase because some of the frozen felines were stuck together.

According to the station, the cats were found in wrapped bags. One cat was found skinned and another was found in an aluminum serving tray. Another similar tray was found with at least two cats inside.

Police were searching for a woman who had been renting out the unit since 2014, but stopped paying in July. The cats were found after the unit went up for auction. It was sold for over $400.

The ASPCA was investigating how the cats died. The NYPD Animal Cruelty Squad was also investigating, according to CBS New York.

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