Police officer resigns after arrest in $30G drug raid, sorry for 'shameful act'

An Atlanta police officer apologized and resigned Wednesday after being arrested during a raid where $30,000 in drugs was seized, authorities said.

Officer Iris Rowe was set to be “dismissed" from her service in the Atlanta Police Department on Thursday, but instead chose to tender her resignation a day early, Atlanta police said.

“On today, Wednesday June 13, 2018, I, Iris Rowe will be resigning from the Atlanta Police Department. I would like to send me deepest apologies to the department, and others for this shameful act,” Rowe said in a handwritten letter.

Rowe was discovered Monday in a College Park apartment complex with two suspects a police squad was investigating for allegedly selling drugs, WSB-TV reported.

"This was a shocker to go in and apprehend 'as a suspect' another officer," College Park police Sgt. Marcus Dennard told the station.

When officers tried to question Rowe, who wasn’t assigned to the investigation, about her involvement in the drug activity, she chose not to answer, WJAX-TV reported. Officers said she showed no remorse.

The drugs held a street value of nearly $30,000, police said.

Investigators found high-caliber weapons, ammunition, almost $8,000 in cash, along with the officer’s uniform, badge, vest, radio and ID, the station said. Two guns, including an AR-15, and more drugs were found in the trunk of Rowe’s Nissan.

"I would like to send me deepest apologies to the department, and others for this shameful act."

— Officer Iris Rowe, Atlanta Police Department

Police arrested two other suspects, Jeremy Laye and Tony Robinson, accused of selling drugs.

Rowe, who joined the Atlanta Police Department in 2016, was charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana, possession of a controlled substance and possession of illegal drugs in a drug-free zone.