Police find marijuana growing in Wyoming city's downtown flower pots

A Wyoming city’s downtown decorative plant containers have gone to pot.

City of Powell workers tending to the planters found marijuana plants competing for space in three pots filled with marigolds and zinnias, the Billings Gazette reported Friday.

Powell Police Chief Roy Eckerdt suspects the weed grew from seeds planted by a prankster, the Powell Tribune reported Thursday.

“They recognized what it was once everything started to leaf out,” Eckerdt said of the workers who found the marijuana.

He said the marijuana plants are now evidence, the Gazette reported.

Parks Department boss Del Barton said it’s not the first time a marijuana plant has popped up in a city flower pot or landscaped bed.

“We’ve had incidents in the past where, for some unknown reason, people decide to put post seeds in the downtown—we have these large 100-gallon flower pots—and for some reason people like to put weed seeds in the flower pots,” he told the paper.

Powell’s downtown isn't protected by surveillance cameras.