Plane Forced to Land in Boston After Crew Members Suddenly Become Sick

A plane bound for Europe was forced to make an unexpected landing in Boston on Thursday night when several crew members on board suddenly became sick.

US Airways Flight 710 left from Philadelphia bound for Zurich, Switzerland, but needed to make a landing at Logan International Airport, reported.

There were 192 passengers on board the flight when crew members reported an unusual electrical smell from the back of the aircraft.

Four of the seven flight crew on board -- the flight attendants -- asked to be sent to the hospital and were taken to Massachusetts General.

The flight landed at 7:45pm. No emergency was declared for the plane landing and none of the passengers or the pilot needed medical treatment.

A new plane and crew was expected to arrive from Philadelphia sometime after midnight to take the passengers to Switzerland.

US Airways said in a statement, "The safety of both our customers and crew is our primary concern and we are investigating.

"Four flight attendants have elected to go to a local hospital for evaluation, not because they were overcome or incapacitated.

"We are of course supportive of our crew members if they feel they need medical attention. To the best of our knowledge no customers or pilots have complained."

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