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Around the World: Big Step for World’s Longest Tunnel

Tunnel under the Swiss Alps will be 35 miles long when completed in 7 years

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  1. U.S. Struggles to Define Objective in Libya

    International debate over who will take the reins in Noth Africa as climate heats up

  2. Housing Market Mess Deepens

    New report says lack of mortgage paper trail could trigger another bank crisis

  3. Santa Championships

    Santas battle it out in Switzerland

  4. Around the World

    Seventh day of riots in Athens; protests in Mumbai

  5. The One Thing: 10/6

    The demise of the dollar

  6. Role of the President In the Japan Relief Effort

    In the wake of the mass destruction caused by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, what is President Obama's role in addressing the relief effort

  7. Iran Releases American Hiker

    Sarah Shourd freed from Iranian prison

  8. Policy Change?

    U.S. discussing diplomatic presence in Iran

  9. First Break: 4/2

    Panel on NBC News, Jeffery Immelt, corporate tax breaks

  10. Aid for Autos?

    Announcement on aid for Big Three automakers to come tomorrow

  11. New Era in North Korea?

    Panel discusses possible changes to American-North Korean relations

  12. 'Dinner for Schmucks'

    Funnymen Steve Carrell and Paul Rudd team up again in new comedy

  1. Lottery Winner Goes Underground

    Mystery deepens as Holly Lahti fails to show for check presentation

  2. O'Reilly Overseas

    Bill talks about his vacation to Switzerland and how the U.S. could learn from their lifestyle

  3. Rod Blagojevich on 'FNS'

    Controversial former governor faces tough questions he never had to answer in court

  4. Blago 'Ready for Round Two'

    Says Reid, Emanuel will be witnesses

  5. The One Thing: 2/1

    With a federal budget this big, is your freedom safe?

  6. Buzz Aldrin

    Legendary Apollo 11 astronaut on the future of space travel

  7. U.S. Foreign Policy Examined

    Briefing on Afghan war strategy and US-China summit

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