Photographer known as 'Tony Detroit' chronicles his home city's blight via smartphone

Tony Majka has been chronicling Detroit's blight epidemic in a unique and popular way.

Using the name "Tony Detroit," he takes smartphone photos of the city's many abandoned structures and posts them to Instagram.

While most users on the photo-sharing site have dozens or maybe hundreds of followers, Tony Detroit's simple shots of Detroit's desolation have earned him over 300,000.

He's been posting two to three photos a day, but Majka says he's ready to slow down, putting up only one or two a week.

Majka says he's "not making fun of" his hometown but is bringing "awareness to the beautiful architecture" of the decaying metropolis.

A longtime auto industry employee, Majka says taking photos of Detroit's underbelly is "more entertaining" than his day job.

Watch the video here: